MJ Support can provide support with activities of daily living, general and specialist support, household tasks and budgeting.

We are experienced in providing support to young adults with traumatic brain injuries, along with behavioural and emotional challenges.


We work with families dealing with mental health problems, difficulties with parenting, domestic abuse, behavioural difficulties, problems engaging in education, emotional or physical welfare issues, supporting the family as a unit. Our work is based on the principle of empowerment, working with families, supporting them along with other services until they are able to manage without support.


We offer placement support in collaboration with social workers in order to prevent the breakdown of placement for a variety of reasons.

We aim to support the placement of looked-after children and provide support to the networks of carers and professionals working with them through a person centred approach to care.


We offer a crisis intervention service where there is a high risk of placement breakdown, high risk to safety/safeguarding, carer resilience concerns, previous placement moves, absconding, aggressive behaviour, Child Sexual Exploitation, substance misuse, mental health issues, self harm etc. Our interventions are based on a multi agency approach and respond to the emotional, behavioural and mental health needs of the young people we support.


MJ Support provides respite to families and supports young people to access community facilities whilst giving the family time to carry out independent activities. We support children with challenging behaviour to develop more effective coping strategies and encourage positive behaviour and social interaction.